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Mulher Solitária

for alto flute

Mulher SolitáriaTess Miller, alto flute
00:00 / 03:17

Mulher Solitária (Lonely Woman) is a reflective, wistful piece – a brief nostalgic interlude ideally suited to the expressive qualities of the alto flute. We hear fleeting allusions to a Brazilian song, Pirulito (lollipop), but this children’s tune is completely overshadowed by other thoughts and memories in this evocative meditation.

This piece also exists in a shortened version. While I would still recommend performing the longer (but still short) version, this was given a wonderful performance by flautist Maria Carolina Cavalcanti in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (October 2012) and again in New York City (February 2013). A video of the New York performance is below:


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