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After many years as a professional conductor (an activity that also involves a great deal of teaching), I chose to focus my musical energies on working in higher education. I discovered that I love interacting with students and helping them explore a wide range of subjects, from music theory and composition to film music and world music.


One of the delights of teaching at Alma College has been the opportunity to lead a variety of courses rather than being confined exclusively to a single discipline. In the past ten years, courses I've taught include:

Fundamentals of Music

Music Theory I, III, & IV

Aural Skills I & II

Orchestration and Arranging

Film Music

Beginning and Advanced Conducting

Introduction to World Music

First Year Seminars

Musical Theatre Techniques

Applied Composition

Career Skills for Musicians

As a firm believer in the value of the liberal arts, I've enjoyed helping students make connections between music and other disciplines. This is most evident in the series of First Year Seminars that I've taught, where we've examined the relationship between music and art, dance, math, poetry, health, technology, protest, and many other topics. 

I've also enjoyed being a guest lecturer in math, philosophy and other classes, speaking on topics ranging from aesthetics to music in the fourth dimension.

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