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Look in the Eyes of People You Don’t Know (2018)

I Surrender: Rhapsody for Clarinet and Orchestra (2015)

Close Your Eyes (2010)                    

You Must Remember This… (2004)  

Reaching, for Clarinet solo and Chamber Orchestra (1990)         

Collation (1985)                         

Wind Ensemble

Too Close to the Sun (2009)  

Urban Myth (2003)                


Look for Light (2020)                SATB

One by One (2014)               SATB, Piano

I Heard Voices (2004)          SATB

This Side of the Truth (1980)    SATB


Splash! (2015)                             Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon         

Ah, Robin! (2015)                         Flute Quartet            

Las calles de Buenos Aires (2013) Flute, Clarinet, Piano

I can’t quite remember.... (2012)     Flute, Viola, Double Bass  

John Cage Smiled (2012)             Percussion Ensemble (9 players)   

Beneath the Surface (2012)             Woodwind Quintet  

Breathing Lessons (2011)               Saxophone Quartet

In Motion (2011)                            Flute, Clarinet, Cello, Piano

The Wild, Wild West (2008)         Saxophone Quartet

Imagine all the People (2005)        Mixed Ensemble (12 players)

Under the Influence (2005)            Chamber Winds (10 players)

Quibble, Bicker & Spar (2005)        Clarinet, Viola, Cello

Swimming to Antarctica (2004)        Trombone Quartet

Cries and Whispers (2004)           Violin, Cello, Piano

Bailey’s Book of Proverbs (2003)    Mixed Ensemble (6 players)

Cloud Forest (2002)                      Flute, Viola, Harp

The Rainmakers (2002)                   Percussion Trio

Splash (2002)                                String Quartet

Watchman, Tell Us of the Night    Brass Ensemble (10 players)

Click on titles in Red to get more information and listen to recordings. Performance material can be purchased directly from the composer.

Solo/Duo Instrumental

Lost and Found (2020)                     Violin and Cello

Dark Forest (2017)                       Viola

Me and My Shadow (2015)        Cello     

Between the Notes (2013)             Clarinet and Piano

Rock, Paper, Scissors (2013)          Oboe and English Horn

Mulher Solitária (2013)                Alto Flute

I Surrender (2013)                        Clarinet

Breaking the Rules (2012)              Piano

Just a Moment (2012)                  Piano         

Bad Dreams (2011)                      Viola (version for Violin)

Hide and Seek (2011)                  Clarinet

Just in Time (revised 2011)              Alto Sax and Percussion

Just in Time (2010)                        Alto Flute and Percussion

The Rainmaker (2010)                   Harp

High Voltage (2010)                     Violin and Cello

Spring Fever (2009)                     Flute and Double Bass

Postcard from Finland (2008)         Alto Sax and Violin

Janus (2007)                               Oboe

Folie à deux (2006)                     Flute and Clarinet

Talking in my Sleep (2005)          Violin

Waiting, Again, for Lady Yang (2004)     Clarinet

Between Friends (2004)               Flute and Guitar

Waiting for Lady Yang at Midnight (2003)  Cello

The Secret Life of Trees (2003)        Marimba       

Voices from the Kura Valley (2003) Saxophone Quartet 

Flow (2003)                                Piano 


The Blue I Loved  (2016)              Voice, Clarinet, Cello, Piano    

                                                    also for piano and voice

Six Variations                              Soprano and Oboe              



Traffic (2012)                                   

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